Occasionally, a mortgage home inspector will suggest that a Licensed Structural Engineer be engaged to render an opinion regarding the significance of a building condition.

This may involve a cracked foundation.  It may involve structural members that have been altered to allow for the routing of utilities.

There is always a solution to these problems.  It may be easier than you imagine.

We understand the need to keep your mortgage process moving along, but also to protect your financial interests. We can work with you to define the best solution when issues arise.


Planning an addition or a major remodel?  Significant alterations to an existing structure will often trigger the need for a design by a Licensed Structural Engineer.   Removal of walls or addition of new walls can alter the path that building loads travel.  We can help you to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises after your project is complete.  The first heavy snow can cause doors to jamb and ceilings to crack.

The most affordable design is the one that is implemented before you start construction.

Construction Support

The most important person on your project is the Construction Superintendent or Project Manager.  Their role is to coordinate all activities, ensure that the necessary standard of work is maintained and to keep the project moving along toward completion.

Early collaboration between the Project Designer, the Structural Engineer and the Construction Superintendent will maintain schedule, budget and delivery of a superior project.